Robotics Team Agenda

Finishing Up Pre-Season Projects

CAD’s New Table:

Recently the CAD subteam has been designing a new table. The current set up is three desks placed side by side, which is not ideal. With this new L-shaped table design, the team hopes to provide more leg room for students working with the computers. It will also provide adaptable space for all computers along with the team’s new printer. The design started with CAD drawings that had accurate measurements and detailed drawings of all components, progressed to design reviews and modifications, and the team ultimately started construction. Right now the table is nearly complete, with final assembly and a laminate top to be completed before Kickoff. Both the CAD and Programming subteams are eager to see this table completed.


Team Merch:

The official team shirt is here! This week the team received the new shirts for the year. For $40 team members can purchase a customized mechanics shirt. This allows the team to look professional and unified when attending competitions. If the price of the shirt is a concern, talk to either Dr. Stout or one of the team captains to figure something out. Hooray! New shirts!



This week was the first week the new members became official Bagel Bytes. Congratulations everyone! The members were divided into their respective subteams and began subteam specific workshops.

  • Programming discussed different types of loops and variables used in code.
  • CAD members worked together to grasp a better understanding of their software, helped the Mechanics subteam plan out their practice robot, and starting printing out various items with the new 3D printer.
  • Mechanics began building their first practice robot.
  • Drive Train has been helping with the table project as well as making new stools for the room.
  • Publicity worked on raising money for this upcoming build season and competitions.


Mechanics Workshops Demo Robot:

The Mechanics subteam is creating a new demonstration robot to replace the disassembled frisbee shooter. This new robot design launches wiffle balls, and is built for young kids to play with at elementary school science fairs. The team also has plans to build a ball collector and add an aiming device. Recently the team has created a prototype and is now starting to critique/change minor mistakes.

Launch Party:

As the preseason ends, the new build season begins! The team will kick off build season with a team launch party. Here both students and parents are invited to the robotics room to learn about the future build season and start work on our robot. They will learn about the task the team’s robot will be expected to perform, what each subteam is responsible for, as well as what is to be expected from both the students and their parents. The launch party is a potluck so please bring something to share and come hungry, there will be plenty of delicious food. Parents, please respond on SignUpGenius about the potluck and team dinners. The launch party will take place towards the end of winter break on Saturday January 5 @ 1:00 PM – Don’t be late!