Build Season Begins

Prototyping a cargo collector (ball) mechanism

Week 1 begins

Build season has begun! The team participated in the kickoff event with Team 4 at LA High Tech High School on Jan 5th, and we had a great brainstorming session for several hours with them. Here at CCHS, we had a kickoff party where the team, parents and mentors all got to see what challenges we face this year.

This week we have been discussing pros and cons of several design options. Tuesday we drew out half a playing field outside to get a firsthand look at the field. We drove the old robot around, had humans be robots and field pieces. From that, we learned a lot about what is possible, how long things might take, how fast the robot might need to be and various strategies we want to consider. From there, the team started making prototype devices to manipulate the cargo and hatches. Lots of discussion and fun, and some good ideas are coming out of this work. We are now exploring more options and building more complex prototypes, incluinding an idea for making the robot jump.

More to come…