2015 – Recycle Rush

Liz Thompson


Project Lead:

  • Austin “Silence Falls”
  • Shelby “Penguin”

Events attended:

  • San Diego Regional – Rank 45
  • Los Angeles Regional – Rank 65
  • St. Louis Championships (Curie Division) – Rank 51

Drive team:

  • Driver: Lynn “Doodlebug”
  • Co-Driver: Ezra “Zelda”
  • Human Player: Nicholas “Death the Kid”
  • Coach: Shelby “Penguin”


  • Capable of driving forward to clear baseline
  • Unused: Capable of picking up all three yellow totes and clearing baseline. Tested extensively, but never used.


  • Mecanum drive base
  • Pneumatic grab/lift system that could pick up totes from the side
    • Capable of a 3 tote stack
  • Passive 3D Printed handles that stabilized trashcan atop totes
  • navX gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer sensor that allowed a custom programmed mecanum drive that accelerated to top speed and decelerated to prevent tipping
  • Programmed in Java
    • First year where Java is introduced as main language in Team 702