2017 – FIRST Steamworks



Project Lead:

  • Everyone on Team 702

Events attended:

  • Ventura Regional – Finished Top 8 (Earned the Judges Award)
  • Los Angeles Regional – Finished Top 8
  • St. Louis Championships (Darwin Division) – Rank 27

Drive Team:

  • Driver: Taylor “Hobbit”
  • Co-Driver: Pablo “Scooter”
  • Pilot: Zach “Box Squat”
  • Human Player: Ben “Professor Stickfigure”
  • Coach: Kenny “Cheeto Bandito”


  • Capable of all three sides of gear delivery
    • Used Pixy camera for auto-targeting, strafing, and approaching target
    • Used LIDAR for initial measurements to ensure accuracy
  • Initially had a shooter designed for scoring balls while delivering gears, ultimately scraped
  • Capable of clearing baseline using LIDAR


  • Mecanum drive base
  • Passive gear delivery system w/automatic raise and lower capabilities
  • Active shooters that were preloaded with six balls per side
    • No ball collector was implemented and design was scraped
  • Rear climbing system design featuring a ratchet to hold the robot in place after climbing was successful
  • Programmed in Java
  • LIDAR range finder to help with maneuverability and distance reading
  • Pixy camera to identify when robot was efficiently lined up to peg