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Hello Team 702 Robotics Mentors,

There’s been a lot going on the past couple weeks, and now that things are settled a bit we know at least some plans to begin the year. Our first meeting will be next Wednesday Sept 6th at 3 pm.

Meeting Days/Times: 

  • Mondays 3:30-6 pm
  • Wednesdays 3-6 pm
  • Two Saturdays a month 12-5, starting with Sept 9th and 23rd.

We added Saturdays to both have a time better suited to attracting new mentors, and because the school schedule for Wednesday now has classes getting out at 2:42 instead of 1:15. We had a tool recertification meeting for 14 students the day before school started last week, so we have a good start on getting everyone back using tools. The leadership is active and ready to go. 

Fall projects

  • JPL Invention Challenge rules have been released here, and we plan to participate
  • Swerve drive robot base is built but a lot more work is needed
  • 2022 robot needs reworking to be our demobot
  • plus we need to train programers and play with driving and auto

Sadly the robotics teacher was unable to fulfill his commitment earlier this week, so the CTE Robotics classes have been cancelled. The district has also not paid us for champs, so we have not much in the way of funds. The good news is that the district did pay the first regional registration yesterday, so we have the ability to attend at least one regional. 

Our online meetings with Joan and other coaches have been beneficial and our regional directors agreed this was such a good idea that they are offering it as well. See the link below for a Zoom meeting next Tuesday that you are most welcome to attend. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Room 91,

David Stout

Team 702 Co-Coach

We are rapidly approaching the 2023 build season, which starts on January 7, 2023.  Our season kickoff will take place from 12noon-5pm on Saturday, January 7th, 2023.

We have a few things we need from you before the build season starts. 

On Saturday November 13, six team members attended the unveiling of the Ferris wheel at the Long Beach Aquarium. Thanks to Coach Singer, we met many of the staff and had a personal tour of the entire aquarium. The staff were amazed at how well it was built and ready for the birds to enjoy.


Office A is changing! The old mill has been moved, and the old location cleaned up, sanded and clear-coated in anticipation of the new mill arriving on Tuesday. The windows and walls have been cleaned and the paint given a new fresh coat. Bennett, Adam and Devansh took charge of making this happen. 

After months of COVID related delays, we finally completed the installation of our new tool  rack that our team captain Miro Garrett built as his Eagle Scout project. The rack holds our drills and other hand tools, along with the custom built table below for additional storage. Looks great, works well and helps us keep office C organized.

Thanks to the Culver City Education Foundation, we are getting a new milling machine. Delivery is scheduled for next week, and we have office A all ready to go. The old mill will move to the back benchtop, which the team built this past Wednesday. The new mill will replace the old one, so soon we will have 2!


At our team meetings on Mondays and Wednesday after school, we are working on several projects to teach build skills in preparation for our competition season. The bird feeder Ferris Wheel project for the Long Beach Aquarium is making good progress, with the prototype completed and metal final version underway. The drive base project is coming along where team members are assembling a kit drive base. Programming working on Java coding skills. Coming up are the Rose Parade robot float project and driver’s station build projects.   


We had our first robotics meeting in 17 months yesterday, with returning team members and around a dozen new faces. Following a quick review of what the team is up to, members sorted through the electronics and supply cabinets, the cave and back offices. We got a good sense of what we have to work with and organized some of the supplies and tools. We also took apart the last remnants of the 2019 field pieces.

FIRST is in a challenging position regarding regionals and COVID. We continue to look at options for the team (diversification of projects) and keeping an eye on competition news. Latest as of today is we have an extra month to decide on where to sign up for our first competition.

Team meeting days are Mondays and Wednesday aftyer school until around 5 PM.
Coach Stout