CCHS Robotics Club Posts

CCHS Robotics club meets online on Wednesday at 1:30 PM via Zoom. If you are interested in joining the team, please send an email to Our club goals are to provide opportunities to learn a wide range of skills, from the obvious robot-related tool use to strategy, business planning, fundraising, grant writing, programming, website development, video creation and more. Robot build requires computer aided design (CAD), prototyping, metal and wood cutting and assembly and welding. Students need not know any of these skills in order to join the club or team, however they are expected to learn skills that interest them and contribute to team activities.  For those students actively engaged and interested, in late Fall we offer the opportunity to join our FIRST robotics Team 702, the Bagel Bytes ( ). FIRST ( ) is a worldwide robotics organization offering a challenging build and competition season starting in January and lasting through April.


Due to the pandemic and school closure, our team only meets remotely at this time, and all competition for the 2020-2021 season will be remote in nature. As of October, we have the following project underway.:


October-November: Robot Rose Parade. We will be decorating and demonstrating our 2018 robot to create a 1-minute video to be submitted to the Tournament of Roses as a potential segment for their TV coverage on January 1st. Coach Singer and Stout helped create this event, and it has been approved by the Tournament organization and will include submissions by local LA area teams.


FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) 2021 Season: FIRST has announced 3 competitions, and our team has decided to participate in all 3.

  • Design an FRC competition game
  • Develop, prototype and create a business plan for a new product (similar to shark tank).
  • Compete with other teams using our 2020 season robot, following the competition set forth for last season’s build and competition rules.

Details of these events can be found here:


For the past two days, our team has been assisting Team 6000 (the Firehawks) in the FIRST Robotics LA Regional in El Segundo and even got to drive for them on Saturday. Despite recurring technical difficulties (the climbing mechanism was unstable and could not be used, part of the shooter came off during a match and had to be fixed back in place), our team persevered, did its best, and played amazing defense. Team 6000 placed 15th out of 44 teams by the end of today’s round of competitions. Go Bagel Bytes and Firehawks!

Last Monday, on February 17, Firehawks robotics from Shalhevet High School visited Culver City High School for drive testing and game discussion. Both teams had an amazing time, and team 6000 was able to use our field pieces made for competition. 

Team 6000 with field pieces
Team 6000 with field pieces

Team 6000 also displayed their ball shooter, which worked beautifully.

Team 6000's ball shooter, scoring at the hardest target
Team 6000’s ball shooter, scoring at the hardest target

Bagel Bytes Robotics is always welcoming amazing interactions with other teams! We can’t wait for the competition!

Team 702 prepares for the oncoming 2020 season by getting new students, new tools, and most importantly, an improved room.

In previous years, Team 702 shared a classroom with a teacher and had limited room due to desks and classroom materials. However, thanks to the school and Mr. Mesghali’s generosity, the team was able to gain the entire space as a robotics room.

After cleaning up the floors and setting up tables, the team was able to set up new workspaces with multiple projects happening at once

Thank you to all the students, coaches, mentors, and parents for all the effort put into the team!

Website Update

Post Competition Season

Although Competition season is over, the Robotics team still continues to meet and to work on projects. After making to the World Championships, the students are especially excited for this year’s build season!


In anticipation for the next build season, the team has been re-evaluating the leadership system.

Some changes include, combining mechanics and drive train, as well as having a business captain for the team.

Mechanics/Drive Train

The team’s head of Mechanics, Sascha Goldsmith, as been giving members of the team lessons on welding.


The programming team has been working to get the demo robot up and running.


Robot crate heading off on FedEx truck

Thanks to CCEF, Honda, Rotary Club, Parents, Friends and generous donations made through GoFundMe, we are able to take 12 team members to the FIRST Robotics Houston World Championships. See more about the championship events here:

You might also be able to follow our progress here:

Aerospace Valley Regional

On April 4-6, we competed in our second regional at Aerospace Valley in Lancaster. We ended up ranking 22 out of 37, but that does not really tell the true story. One of the reasons we were that low is that other teams saw us as a competent threat for cargo balls and played defense against us on several matches. That’s the kind of thing you usually only see for top ranked teams. We also helped shut out Code Orange on their first two matches (sorry guys, you have an awesome turret robot), and they were part of the winning final alliance. We were selected as a first choice pick by the 4th seeded alliance, won our first match and then lost the second two, in part because our alliance partners broke down. We were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Something weird happened at AV; our pit crew was bored. There was nothing for them to do after practice day, the robot never broke. Wow, that’s amazing. Think we got the issues sorted out with all the hard work at Monterey. Speaking of which, at Monterey our robot frame was damaged and needed to be replaced. Our team completely disassembled the robot, swapped in the new frame and put everything back together and passed inspection by 2:30 on practice day. Again, wow, that’s impressive.