CCHS Robotics Club Posts

Hello Team 702 Robotics Mentors,

There’s been a lot going on the past couple weeks, and now that things are settled a bit we know at least some plans to begin the year. Our first meeting will be next Wednesday Sept 6th at 3 pm.

Meeting Days/Times: 

  • Mondays 3:30-6 pm
  • Wednesdays 3-6 pm
  • Two Saturdays a month 12-5, starting with Sept 9th and 23rd.

We added Saturdays to both have a time better suited to attracting new mentors, and because the school schedule for Wednesday now has classes getting out at 2:42 instead of 1:15. We had a tool recertification meeting for 14 students the day before school started last week, so we have a good start on getting everyone back using tools. The leadership is active and ready to go. 

Fall projects

  • JPL Invention Challenge rules have been released here, and we plan to participate
  • Swerve drive robot base is built but a lot more work is needed
  • 2022 robot needs reworking to be our demobot
  • plus we need to train programers and play with driving and auto

Sadly the robotics teacher was unable to fulfill his commitment earlier this week, so the CTE Robotics classes have been cancelled. The district has also not paid us for champs, so we have not much in the way of funds. The good news is that the district did pay the first regional registration yesterday, so we have the ability to attend at least one regional. 

Our online meetings with Joan and other coaches have been beneficial and our regional directors agreed this was such a good idea that they are offering it as well. See the link below for a Zoom meeting next Tuesday that you are most welcome to attend. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Room 91,

David Stout

Team 702 Co-Coach

Hello all CCHS Robotics Parents,Team members and Mentors,

We won the Los Angeles Regional!!! 

Team 702 “Bagel Bytes” won the Los Angeles FIRST FRC 2023 Regional Competition, along with alliance captains Team 687 “The Nerd Herd”, and alliance members Team 5199 “Robot Dolphins from Outer Space” and Team 6833 “Phoenix Robotics”.

It was an absolutely thrilling day of competition. Team 702 thought themselves out of the race as the playoff alliance selections came to a close. In an absolute shocker, the captains from teams 687 and 5199 announced that they selected Team 702 as their third and last alliance partner. Team 702 was stunned. And elated! We weren’t going home yet!

Once playoffs began, our robot experienced a malfunction and Team 6833 was called in to substitute. Unbelievably, the alliance went on to complete the playoffs undefeated.

In the finals — a best of 3 format — our alliance lost the first match, but then won the second match. Tied at one each, our Red Alliance fought the Blue Alliance to an almost even score in the final tiebreaker, 117 to 118, an impossibly tiny lead for the Blue Alliance. But we knew this score did not include end-park or charge-station points, and on top of that, the match was “under review”.

The crowd went wild when the final score was revealed: the Red Alliance had won the Los Angeles Regional with a winning score of 147-138 (VIDEO)

We will still be attending San Diego Regional next weekend. And, we will be going to the Houston World Championships!!! We will need a lot of help from you in terms of helping us with funding to attend as it will cost around $20,000 to take 12 team members and chaperones. Thank you all for your support.

If any parents want to help with fundraising efforts, we will be having a meeting in room 91 Monday to strategize. If you cannot make it, please contact Linda Rosenberg at 310-871-9537

All the Best,
Team 702
2023 LA Regional Winners

Winning alliance members, Teams 702, 5199, 687 (captains), 6833

2023 Week 9 Newsletter: 3/6/23 – 3/11/23

This week marked the ninth week of team 702’s 2023 build season, where we did drive practice and autonomous work with our robot. We also attended Orange County Regional to get scouting practice and information to prepare for our competitions.

Next week’s plans are to get ready to go and compete at Los Angeles Regional next weekend.

2023 Week 8 Newsletter: 2/27/23 – 3/5/23

This week marked the eighth week of Team 702’s 2023 build season, where drive practice was done with our robot, as well as scouting, and a meeting with Team 6000 to prepare for the Los Angeles Regional in 2 weeks. We also did a robot demonstration at Farragut Elementary School’s science fair. We made a few adjustments to our robot this week to improve how it operates at competition. 

Next week’s plans are to do more drive practice and to work on the autonomous code for competition. As well as on Saturday, going to Orange County Regional to do scouting practice. We will for this week be going back to our full schedule just for this week, to try and get as much practice this week as possible.

2023 Week 7 Newsletter: 2/20/23 – 2/25/23

This week marked the seventh week of Team 702’s build season, where initial build of the robot was completed, drive practice was held, and we hosted a very successful first sponsor and community event. We had over 70 people attend, where we showed off our robot, showed off the work of our subteams, and raffled off gift vouchers making over $1600. This is an event we now hope to hold for years to come.