2023 Build Season Week 8

2023 Week 8 Newsletter: 2/27/23 – 3/5/23

This week marked the eighth week of Team 702’s 2023 build season, where drive practice was done with our robot, as well as scouting, and a meeting with Team 6000 to prepare for the Los Angeles Regional in 2 weeks. We also did a robot demonstration at Farragut Elementary School’s science fair. We made a few adjustments to our robot this week to improve how it operates at competition. 

Next week’s plans are to do more drive practice and to work on the autonomous code for competition. As well as on Saturday, going to Orange County Regional to do scouting practice. We will for this week be going back to our full schedule just for this week, to try and get as much practice this week as possible.

Team 702 members and mentors working alongside Team 6000 members


This week mechanics helped fix the robot as we did drive practice, as well as working on making bumpers, and more teacher projects. Next week’s plans are to fix the robot when needed, build more projects for teachers, and make fun team spirit items for competition.

Fixing the “Charge Station” balance board


This week CAD worked on refining our designs for our 3D-printed chain tensioners. Next week’s plans are to assist with whatever needed.


This week programming refined the code for the robot. Next week’s plans are to make the autonomous code for the robot and optimize controls for driver use.


This week electronics assisted mechanics and programming at getting the robot working. Next week plan’s are to continue assisting with adjustments for the robot.


This week business made preparations for competition, and next week will continue to do so.

Every robot requires bumpers (a set in red and one in blue)


  • Monday: 3:30-9, team dinner (those who have dinner are expected to stay until 9)
  • Wednesday: 1:30-9, team dinner (those who have dinner are expected to stay until 9)
  • Thursday: 3:30-9, team dinner (those who have dinner are expected to stay until 9)
  • Saturday: 10-6, team lunch/9-4 for students going to OC regional

Important Dates:

  • March 11 – Scouting at Orange County Regional
  • March 16-19 – Los Angeles Regional
  • March 23-26 – San Diego Regional